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Lazarus A. Lazarides is  an American- born Greek Filmmaker. He studied Filmmaking and Philosophy of Film in Royal Holloway University of London.In 2016, he was selected as one of thirteen Directors to participate in the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema's MFA program at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn, NY where he was mentored by Amos Poe, the «father» of Modern American independent Cinema.

In 2019 Lazarus won a Thesis filmmaking grant from NYC Mayor Office of Media & Entertainment

At the core of Lazarus' filmmaking is a genuine urge to examine and demonstrate current social issues. He is interested in the identity of the individual in contemporary society and has been working extensively on different projects exploring ideas of racism, violence and social inequalities.

He has been working both in fiction and documentary filmaking and is interested in the overlap and interplay of the two forms as well as using emerging forms of media (VR,AR) to expand the notion of cinema. His fascination with cinema also extends to film theory and academic writing. He has presented his thorough analysis on A.Tarkovsky's films at the National Film Archive of Greece.

  Lazarus has screened his films internationally (Maryland, Zaragoza, Maine, Tribeca Centre,Thessaloniki, Short to the Point) Won the Best Film Award in FIC Mexico for his film BUTTERFLY.


He was a scholarship recipient of NYC Mayor Office of Media & Entertainment (2016-2019). 

This is (not) an Alex is Lazarus' first feature length film.


                                                                                                                                                     Download Resume 

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