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Nick a troubled college student, and Alex a student with murderous instincts, have just been involved in a violent incident. Alex instigates a deadly attack in such a way that even though Alex orchestrates the events, it’s Nick who gets blamed.  Finding himself on the wrong side of a dangerous accident, Nick is forced to enter the LAMP EXPERIMENT where he must survive to face his future.
The LAMP EXPERIMENT  is a surreal exploration of the primitive nature of human violence. It addresses the effects of suppression, of oppression, and of the pain of personal loss on the human psyche. 
The concept of the film focuses on the “invisible and visible forces” that create “Lamp Experiments," forcing students and young people to behave uncontrollably outside of their nature. The Lamp Experiment explores the possible origins of violence and the effect of violence in young people’s behavior in everyday social culture.

Lamp Experiment (25 minutes, USA/ Greece 2021)
Genre : Scifi-Thriller 
Currently in Post-Production
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