Synopsis : Dreamer's Playground follows an immigrant father and his mixed-race daughter while they seem to be enjoying a happy time together venturing to a local playground. An unexpected and violent incident creates a misunderstanding which overturns their lives, uncovering the hidden biases that permeates the complex layers of social-cultural behavior.

Festival Selections & Nominations

• Children's Film Festival Seattle, United States

• Nomination Best Human Rights Film ,Cannes World Film Festival France

• International Children's Rights Film Festival Turkey

• Beijing International Children's Film Festival, China

Starring: Wesli Spencer , Jayla Lavender Nicholas, Timothy Laurel Harrison

Written & Directed by Lazarus Lazarides

Director of Photography : Stephen Cavaliero & Sufian Alvi

Editor : Nikos Apostolopoulos

Production Designer Persia Beheshti

Music : Noah Chevan

Producer Lazarus Lazarides

Associate Producers : Katie Miller, Vasilios Calitsis